Ruth Sery is a woman who knows her diamonds. Not only does she come from a family who’s been in the diamond business for generations, but she herself is a master diamond grader and trader originally based in Antwerp, Belgium.
  Also passionate about great perfume, in 2015 she joined forces with her husband, Thomas Méaulle, to found the house of Orlov (a contraction of the words “our love”), which combines a love of diamonds with a love for great perfume.
  Each perfume pays olfactory tribute to one of the most exquisite diamonds in the world. Ruth’s idea going forward is re-birth: give a group of talented perfumers free reign to take the original inspiration for the first set of Orlov fragrances (launched in 2015) and take them in a completely different direction.
  Hence, the Rebirth Collection – a set of perfumes that takes a look at the original jewel and then re-births the resulting scent in a new and exciting form.